AI Assisted Design Thinking

Keys of my personal vision through The Conceptual Nebula

What if we direct artificial intelligence and Big Data to interact with Small Data and Design Thinking, creating tools to develop projects, strategies, and business models?

What happens if we use the intersection of several customized dynamic networks?

The Conceptual Nebula uses three networks to generate emotional connections.

I can imagine it

A platform [ with an app ] using Ai, Big Data, Small Data, Social Media, and Cloud to work on Design Thinking through The Conceptual Nebula, my creative process, valid for developing projects, strategies, and business models.

The Conceptual Nebula would greatly facilitate the management of AI, as it is designed to address very complex issues like Strategy and Innovation using the intersections of only three customized dynamic networks.


 Looking for an

investor or company

to develop it


AI + Design Thinking

Cloud + Social + APP

Big Data + Small Data

Analytics + Emotional

Technology + Creativity

Society + Culture + Industry

DNA + Community + Business Model

 Strategy + Innovation


Emotional Thinking is the key.

Emotional Thinking is the difference.

I believe in augmented intelligence through AI using emotional skills. Assisted is augmented but to serve humans.

Artificial Intelligence is not, and will not be, capable of creating emotional connections when addressing conceptual complexity.

It is unable of being as disruptive as humans have been, because it operates on what is complicated rather than what is complex.

Emotional Thinking is and will be the critical and superior difference between humans and artificial intelligence.


The Conceptual Nebula is an emotional way

The Conceptual Nebula is an analytical-emotional process based on the analysis of the three core elements found in every project, culture, industry, and society, and on the creation of emotional connections that truly link these three cores, thus achieving a deep depth in the target audience, from the philosophy of the company and under a certain cultural lens.

Each individual core consists of an infinite number of interconnected concepts that are full of nuances and often overlap. They make up a conceptual nebula of infinite connections that links the three cores within a closed circuit.

It is a highly useful tool for developing projects as well as business models. Likewise, it is a tool that can be applied to creating new companies as well as implementing changes in those that are already well established. And it is also a very interesting tool to work on personal branding.

The Conceptual Nebula is a creative process, a generator of business models and personal branding, and a Strategy and Innovation Management tool to create community from the company/person’s DNA gener.


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