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The Conceptual Nebula

An analytic-emotional process based on the analysis of the three core elements found in every project, culture, industry, and society, and on the creation of emotional connections that truly link these three cores, thus achieving a deep depth in the target audience, from the philosophy of the company and under a certain cultural lens.

The approach is equally valid for tackling an industrial design project as it is for developing a corporate one.

It is a very useful tool for designing products as well as business models and provides each project with a different conceptual tool, a different methodology for every project.

The Conceptual Nebula is a creative process, a generator of business models and personal branding, and a Strategy and Innovation Management tool to create community from the company/person’s DNA generating emotional connections.

The Conceptual Nebula is one of The Year’s Most Popular Articles from Thinkers360 Thought Leaders.


AI Assisted Design Thinking

[ Innovative vision through The Conceptual Nebula ]

What if we direct artificial intelligence and Big Data to interact with Small Data and Design Thinking, creating tools to develop projects, strategies, and business models?

What happens if we use the intersection of several customized dynamic networks?

The Conceptual Nebula uses three networks to generate emotional connections.

AI + Design Thinking | Cloud + Social + APP | Big Data + Small Data | Analytics + Emotional | Technology + Creativity | Society + Culture + Industry | DNA + Community + Business Model | Strategy + Innovation | Disruption

The Ordered Chaos

A conceptual tool to develop some projects with formal richness, constructive simplicity, and the serenity of chaos in Nature.

The Ordered Chaos generates sculptural, sensual, serene, and singular products with a simple and mathematical production.

The result is a product of great formal wealth despite its constructive simplicity.


Conceptual Automotive Design from The Conceptual Nebula, an own and singular creative process for product design that can generate very interesting results in automotive design from a more conceptual approach.

Now, we also live a paradigm shift in the automotive industry, with the entry of the electric car, the autonomous car and the personal electric vehicle, which make the collaboration of freelance product designers in the automotive industry especially interesting.


Industrial Craftsmanship Through Design.

While globalization pushes us towards a cultural, social, and of course aesthetic standardization, the fiercest competitiveness of a global market exalts, personality, singularity, innovation, cultural miscegenation, and local cultures.

These are the conditions in which industrial design becomes an essential tool.

The focus should be for singularity in a global market, but without neglecting the possibilities of addressing singular needs globally under a global culture, as design can provide solutions to both.

The Elevator Sketch, a concept similar to The Elevator Pitch, but to express an idea graphically with the minimum expression.

soME questions for YOU  Inspirational project based on the importance of the singularity of the Emotional Thinking.

Emotional Thinking, or the ability to think about complex issues driven by emotional connections, is the critical and superior difference between humans and Artificial Intelligence.

We are starting a new paradigm, Artificial Intelligence, and Emotional Thinking is the difference.

Emotional answers are the difference.

Your answers are the difference.

YOU are the difference.

Integration of trends in the company through The Conceptual Nebula

The importance of incorporating them into the center of the creative process.

The company’s creative process is both a part of and a generator of the company’s DNA, endowing it with its singularity.

That is why it is vitally important to integrate trends into the center of the creative process, as a fundamental element of it and fully aligned with the company’s DNA, as well as with the tools and conceptual elements of that creative process.

Some Places

WantedDesign NYC – New York (USA)

Embassy of Spain – Tokyo (Japan)

Instituto Cervantes – Beijing (China)

Red Star Macalline – Beijing (China)

PDC (Canton Fair) – Guangzhou (China)

Teatro Diana – Guadalajara (Mexico)

Istituto Europeo di Design – Madrid (Spain)

AC Alcalá de Henares – Madrid (Spain)

EOI Science & Handicraft – Madrid (Spain)

Fira Congress – Barcelona (Spain)

Las Naves Innovation – Valencia (Spain)

Feria Habitat Valencia – Valencia (Spain)

Design Forum of Cevisama – Valencia (Spain)

CEU-Cardenal Herrera University – Valencia (Spain)

And others…



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