7.6 billion

soME questios for YOU


7.6 billion = world population


We are starting a new paradigm, Artificial Intelligence, and Emotional Thinking is the difference.

Emotional answers are the difference.

Your answers are the difference.

YOU are the difference.

Would you like to answer one of these questions?


e.g. :

YOU + 7.6 billion = capability of humanity

YOU x 7.6 billion = power of an idea

YOU – 7.6 billion = meditation

7.6 billion – YOU = singularity

YOU / 7.6 billion = empathy

7.6 billion / YOU = energy


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[ Inspirational project ]

Based on the importance of the singularity of the Emotional Thinking.

Emotional Thinking, or the ability to think about complex issues driven by emotional connections, is and will be the critical and superior difference between humans and artificial intelligence.

Educational systems and most work processes are currently based on analytical processes. While skills based on analytical processes have been effective until now, we cannot overlook the fact that with the advent of artificial intelligence they become insufficient and dispensable, as AI can execute them more efficiently.

But fortunately, artificial intelligence is not, and will not be, capable of creating emotional connections when addressing conceptual complexity. It is unable of being as disruptive as humans have been, because it operates on what is complicated rather than what is complex.

Emotional Thinking is the way to remain competitive in an environment where all analytical processes will be solved by artificial intelligence.

We have to train Emotional Thinking, Human Thinking.

Would you like to answer our questions?

They are very basic mathematical operations, and paradoxically, although it is the machines own language, artificial intelligence cannot understand the complexity, depth, and transcendence of these questions, and consequently their answers will always be empty and encapsulated.

However, each person will have a different and singular answer that will arise from Emotional Thinking, and that will be loaded with their experiences, their own ideas, and personal interpretations.


This is

the singularity of Emotional Thinking

the singularity of Human Thinking

YOUR singularity



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