Miguel Herranz


I am following my way
following my own way
because the way is the key


I enjoy the serenity of my way
doing my way
doing it my way
doing it my way for YOU


The way is the key
The way is YOUR key

Ex-Industrial Designer: from the company’s DNA to create community generating emotional connections.

My creative process is an analytic-emotional process based on the analysis of the three core elements found in every project, culture, industry, and society, and on the creation of emotional connections that truly link these three cores, thus achieving a deep penetration in the target audience, from the philosophy of the company and under a certain cultural lens.

The approach is equally valid for tackling an industrial design project as it is for developing a corporate one. It is a very useful tool for designing products as well as business models, and provides each project with a different conceptual tool, a different methodology for every project.

It is a creative process, a generator of business models and personal branding, and a Strategy and Innovation Management tool to create community from the company/person’s DNA generating emotional connections.

Process developed reflecting on the commercial approach and how it connects with society, combined with all the years as a designer.


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