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Design Thinking through an own and singular creative process: The Conceptual Nebula.

The Conceptual Nebula is an analytic-emotional process to create conceptual tools based on analyzing the three core elements found in every project: culture, industry and society.

The approach is equally valid for tackling an industrial design project as it is for developing a corporate one. It is a very useful tool for designing products as well as business plans.

Using an analytical process to create a nebula for each project, followed by an emotional immersion, provides each project with a different conceptual tool, a different methodology for every project.

Theory developed reflecting on the commercial approach and how it connects with society, combined with all the years as a designer, and analyzing the own and singular creative process.

The Conceptual Nebula is one of The Year’s Most Popular Articles from Thinkers360 Thought Leaders.

AI Assisted Design Thinking

[ Innovative vision through The Conceptual Nebula ]

What if we direct artificial intelligence and Big Data to interact with Small Data and Design Thinking, creating tools to develop projects, strategies and business plans?

What if we use the intersection of several custom dynamic networks?

The Conceptual Nebula uses three networks to generate emotional connections.

I can imagine it:

A platform (with an app) using Ai, Big Data, Small Data, Social Media and Cloud to work on Design Thinking through The Conceptual Nebula, my creative process, valid for developing projects and business models.

The Conceptual Nebula would make AI management much easier, because it is designed to address very complex issues like strategy and innovation using the intersections of just three custom dynamic networks.

[ Looking for an investor or company to develop it ]

AI + Design Thinking

Big Data + Small Data

Analytics + Emotional

Technology + Creativity

Society + Culture + Industry

Cloud + Social + APP + Strategy

DNA + Community + Business Plan




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