The nice icon of industrial change

Renault 4 ever


Finalist from over 3200 designs from 92 countries in designboom’s RENAULT 4 EVER competition, which asked participants to redesign the Renault 4.

The return system allows users to return their car to Renault centers at the end of their life cycle in exchange for a payment.

Renault 4 is humble, modest and nice, cheap and economical, off-road and urban, small and with a great capacity, for work and for entertainment, masculine and feminine, young and mature, chromed and nice colored, flat glasses and curved body, closed lines and independent elements. Renault 4 is historic… is 4ever, and this re-design seeks to emphasize all these virtues with a pure geometry and a humble, modest and nice image.

R4, the icon, can be “the returnable car”, the car that offers its owners a payment to return it to Renault dealers for recycling, but with the participation of Renault and all its suppliers, because they are the ones who could reuse everything it’s components.

This car is particularly important, because it is a historic icon that can become a new icon and a historical reference of this initiative, with a powerful ability to create social influence and make this initiative viable and profitable in the future, for all vehicles and for the entire industry. Renault 4 ever, the nice icon of the industrial change.


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