Creative Process

an analytical-emotional process

My creative process for product design, creative direction, strategy, innovation, and design management is an analytical-emotional process based on the analysis of the three core elements found in every project, culture, industry, and society, and on the creation of emotional connections that truly link these three cores, thus achieving a deep depth in the target audience, from the philosophy of the company and under a certain cultural lens.

Each individual core consists of an infinite number of interconnected concepts that are full of nuances and often overlap. They make up a conceptual nebula of infinite connections that links the three cores within a closed circuit, as shown in the diagram.

I like to imagine this nebula as something three-dimensional and intangible in which all of these concepts move about and interact constantly and to observe how these concepts evolve over time.

The culture core consists of a cumulative tangle of concepts relating to the cultural interests of not only the designer, but also the industry and society as a whole. Therefore, the personality of the designer, as well as the philosophy of the company or the various cultural trends that are, have or will be circulating in society, are integrated into this core.
The industry core comprises all of the concepts relating to the capacities, possibilities, limitations, and aspirations of both the project and the company. This part covers the entire industrial potential of a company without ever losing sight of its limitations and evaluating how to handle these limitations in relation to the project and how they may evolve over time.
The society core comprises the constantly changing and dynamic atmosphere of concepts relating to the interests, dissatisfactions, aspirations, and desires of society. Here I prefer to talk about society rather than the market, because it is closer to the concept of humanity. It is not as intimately linked to rational ideas, but closer to real social movements, which tend to be more impulsive, emotional, and, as a result, more irrational.


Using an analytical process to create a nebula for each project, followed by an emotional immersion that is in fact guided by the most relevant connections, provides each project with a different conceptual tool for a real solution. In other words, it results in a different methodology for every project, creating emotional connections that truly link culture, industry, and society. That is, creating community from the company’s DNA through emotional connections.

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